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Industry 4.0

Get the post-graduate diploma from a reputable institution and learn how to implement Industry 4.0

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All classes will be hold online during 15-weekend meetings. We’re providing a best-in-class learning software platform, which allows the best learning experience

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Learn from top 1% lecturers, expand your network, and earn how to implement Industry 4.0 in your firm.


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Meet our Lecturers

Our Industry 4.0 program  is truly global with Lecturers from around the world

Joachim Hensch

In his amazing course, Joachim will tell you his story about how he has transformed the biggest factory of HUGO BOSS Group located in İzmir with 3800 employees. Pure practical knowledge from an achieved manager with over 25 years of experience.

Junseok Hwang

Prof. Junseok Hwang from Seoul University will guide you on how the Fourth Industrial Revolution changes the world: from economies through cities to actual business organizations. Deep knowledge from a World Bank expert.

Alejandro G. Frank

Prof. Frank who taught at Massachusets Institute of Technology will teach you about core frameworks and concepts of Industry 4.0: smart work, product, supply chain, and production. Strategic course based on his relations with business.

Néstor Fabián Ayala

Prof. Ayala has co-created the course agenda and he will ensure that you fully understand everything after the course ends. He will talk about smart products & servitization of industrial companies.

Vinicius Brei

Big data and cloud computing concepts are not easy. To make it applicable for managers it's even harder. Luckily, Vinicius Brei, Research Affiliate and Connection Science Fellow at MIT, is here to guide you through meanders of data science to show you the actionable implementation roadmap.

Murat Gunal

Prof. Gunal is both a practitioner and a scientist. He is a managing partner of Simarter, a consultancy focused on simulation, optimization, and analytics. On top of that, he publishes at Lancaster University. He will show you how to create a digital twin of your factory to make only data-driven decisions.

Dennis Kolberg

To make machines communicate with each other, it's critical to implement sensors and the Internet of Things. Dennis Kolberg leads one of the hottest German IoT startups, DIGIMONDO. He will talk about process automation, and will actually show you how to create a smart autonomous factory.

Julian M. Müller

Pandemic showed us what happens when supply chains break and don't work as before. Julian Müller is an expert in Industry 4.0 logistics, and operations, and author of highly recognized publications in the topic.. His goal is to ensure your smart supply chains operate in an evidence-based way.

Ian Khan

A worldwide-known CNN-featured Technology Futurist, Ian Khan, will inspire you to create a future-proof organization. As an expert from AI, and blockchain, he will show you how to prepare your organization for the Industry 4.0 in the same way he has prepared various governments and Fortune 500 companies.

Lane Thames

Only a good hacker can beat the bad one. Luckily, Lane Thames is one of the best white-hat cybersecurity experts in the world, Author of a book about cybersec and technological risks, and Principal Security Researcher at Tripwire will teach you how to prepare and mitigate risks in turbulent, and dangerous times.

Remigio Bongulielmi

Your people are afraid of Industry 4.0 revolution as it will impact the way they work and behave. That's why you need to have the competencies of 4.0 to lead and inspire change. Remigio Bongulielmi is an MBA-level strategic advisor, trainer, and digital expert. Get ready for the digital transformation.

We have gathered experts from 4 continents

Our Lecturers create a diversified team of various business, and cultural experiences. It's a global program, which will show you perspectives from 9 countries in total.

During the course you will create your own Industry 4.0 roadmap

As an outcome, students will know how to implement Industry 4.0 in their company, as they create the roadmap through the course

Early Stage Ideation

Students discuss the initial Industry 4.0 ideas with top industrial practicioners

Strategic Frameworks

Students understand core frameworks and models, so they can outline the strategic change for the organization

Tech Tools

Students fully understand the technologies process and tools they can use in I4.0. implementation

Leadership Mindset

Students change management knowledge and coaching to become Industry 4.0 champions within their organizations

Roadmap implementation

As an end product that come back with a clearly outlined roadmap of Industry 4.0 implementation within the facility

Why Industry 4.0?


Top Priority

68% of the companies declare that Industry 4.0 implementation is their strategic top priority


Lack of Resources

45% of companies declare lack of resources/knowledge to drive Digital Transformation


Ready to Start

39% of the companies have the right human resources and skills to go through digital transformation


Strategic Plan

47% of companies have a strategic plan, which clearly outlines the digital transformation


Well Prepared

96% of the companies who have implemented Industry 4.0 were able to respond to the covid-19 crisis


Scaling the Organization

26% of companies managed to successfully reach the Industry 4.0 scale for the whole organization

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