Course details:

Joachim Hensch

ex-Managing Director at Hugo Boss

Day One

Intro and housekeeping

  • Introduction of the framework of the two days
  • Ice-Braking and get-to-know-each-other (important for me)
  • Introduction of the platform Miro and how to work together in remote way

Session One - the Challenge

  • Understanding the current situation, the environment, the impatience of the market, the hyper-connected customer
  • Break-Out Session One – touchpoints
  • How does the current situation touch me and my business, organization, technology, setting
  • Summary and Clustering of the most important shared topics

Session Two - But How

  • Deeper Dive into technology, organizational set-ups, flat hierarchies, agile and responsive decision making
  • Break-Out Session Two – similarities, differences, “analogue valleys”, pilots, roll-outs
  • Summary and Clustering of the most important shared topics, also some differences that need to be worked on because of the impact

Day Two

Session Three - Ingition

  • Some best-case implementations, cross-industrial learnings, hiccups, failures
  • Break-Out Session Three – working on the day one prios and derive actionable to-do’s
  • presentation and critical discussion in plenum (Disney method), then back to the teams and further work on the actions
  • Final Conclusions, open points, real to-dos, commitments

Joachim Hensch

ex-Managing Director at Hugo Boss

In his amazing course, Joachim will tell you his story about how he has transformed the biggest factory of HUGO BOSS Group located in İzmir with 3800 employees. Pure practical knowledge from an achieved manager with over 25 years of experience.

Joachim Hensch has a profound and holistic knowledge in garment manufacturing, technology and innovation. Starting as a tailor in bespoke couture, he then moved to the ready to wear business and since then has taken various positions, mainly in the field of product development. His most important target was to transform the organization into a flexible and responsive Smart Factory with the means of industry 4.0. That, to be better prepared for a highly volatile, demanding and impatient market environment. Within this approach he is in the forefront of innovation excellence in garment manufacturing and thus the Izmir Factory is a role model today for the global apparel industry. He strongly believes in agile, SCRUM based project execution and flat hierarchies to cope with today’s pace of doing business. In September 2020 he founded his own Consulting firm and thus helps manufacurers and Startups with their tranformation towards modern manufacturing methods and mindsets. He lives in Stuttgart, Germany.